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How to use AIORA1N By AIOUnlocker

AIORA1N(v0.2) Download Links || Checkra1n for Windows || All Version of Checkra1n in One

How to Run AIORA1N | Run All Version of Checkra1n on Windows

What is AIORA1N?

AIORA1N is Simple VOID Linux Based Checkra1n Collection for Windows Users its AIO Solution intended to give windows user the ability to switch one version of checkra1n to another one means users can run latest version of checkra1n or Old Version of Checkra1n with one simple command without making any other bootable drive all in one package.

What is the benefit of this tool?

The the main purpose of this tool is to provide al version of checkra1n for windows users without making multiple bootable drive and with small size also with high compatibility almost for any windows computer.

Why do i need this All In One Checkra1n?

This Checkra1n is mainly useful to Rejailbreak already Jailbroken iDevice by Switching their compatible version of checkra1n it also support Running CLI Mod Checkra1n.

How to use?


- 2GB or up USB Flash Drive

- Any Windows PC 

- Rufus software

if you have the above requirement you're good to go so now follow our step.

1. Plug Your USB Drive and run Rufus

2. Then Chose the right USB Drive in rufus Device section

3. Then Chose the ISO File by Clicking Select 

4. Finally Click Start and wait until it Finish

After making bootable USB Drive Process end Restart your Computer and Start it up from the USB Drive.

Login Detail 

Username => aio

then you're logged in

Then Follow on screen instruction 


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