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Withdrawal Term and Conditions

What is withdrawal?

Withdrawal is taking out your aiounlocker.com available credit back to your Bank account that you used to make orders on aiounlocker.com so that after withdrawal your aiounlocker.com account balance will be 0(Zero).

Why do people withdraw their credit?

people can withdraw their credit if they are not satisfied with our service or if they think our price is higher than others.

Can I withdraw all my credit?

Yes. it's your money you can withdraw all your credit but with our Terms and Condition.

Is there a deduction in my withdrawal?

Yes there will be a deduction from your withdrawal depending on your membership means 

For Basic(Normal) Users => there will be -10% deduction from your total withdrawal.

for Reseller => there will be -6% deduction from their total withdrawal.

What is the minimum withdrawal?

if you want to withdraw your credit your balance must be 5$ or equivalent in other currency we won't let anyone to withdraw any credit that is less than 5$ or equivalent in other currency.

When will I receive my withdrawal?

After you request your withdrawal it may take us 1 - 4 Weeks of business days to processed your withdrawal request. and depending on our situation and your withdrawal amount it may take longer than usual.

Is this withdrawal support any country?

No. right now we only accept withdrawals from Ethiopian residents and Transfer withdrawal only in ETB(Birr) in Ethiopian banks (CBE,Awash,Dashen).

Is this permanent?

No. again we have full right to stop withdrawal service anytime. so Register to our website aiounlocker.com only if you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy, Term and Conditions, Withdrawal Term and Condition.

How can I request a withdrawal?

if you need withdrawal you can simple ask for withdrawal in your account dashboard after signing in to your account or you can contact us with below address.

- Email => [email protected]

- Call => 0921862734/0993953291 

- Telegram => @sigma251

- WhatsApp => 0921862734

We are the only or from a few of the sites that accept the withdrawal request.

Finally only sign up for our service if you only agree to our Privacy Policy, Term and Conditions, Withdrawal term and condition.

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